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Jakers Great Falls Reviews

Welcome to our review page for Jakers in Great Falls Montana

This is where you can take a moment to read about all of the great things our guests have said about us in the Great Falls MT area. Scroll lower on this page to read our reviews and simply click on the Google, TripAdvisor, or Yelp buttons to leave us a fresh review.

Join us for business lunches – meetings, retirement parties, date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, prom nights, family reunions, casino nights and more…

"Good eating in relaxed style at right price! We usually don't go for buffets, but this one was splendid. Service at Jakers is offered with supreme focus on the customer. This reveals excellent professional training. Food is fresh, ample, beautifully presented. Jakers has the elegance, the food, the courtesies, but also the relaxed atmosphere and modest pricing." - Gary S, Yakima, WA

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