Custom Price Gift Card

Please carefully read the item description lower on this page. For this product, enter in your Custom Gift Card amount over our $31.00 minimum.


Minimum Price: $31.00

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This is a custom price offer for those customers that have unique shopping needs or for entering in larger dollar amounts or for amounts not shown in our primary Gift Card options.

Simply enter in your own Custom Gift Card amount as long as it is over our $31.00 minimum.

If this IS NOT a gift and you want the product shipped to you, simply enter your billing and shipping information during checkout and disregard the extra information boxes you see.


Important Note: If this is a gift, only use a Quantity of 1 so that you can fill in accurate “Name: Address: Message to Recipient” information above.

  • Then go back to our main gift card page and add your next gift card to your cart.
  • Repeat that same process for each gift card you want sent to a different recipient.


Example below: Because our gift card sales are very high, please leave us extra and detailed instructions in the the shopping cart notes – example shown below:

Example: “I’ve purchased two $40 gift cards…see below for handing”

$40 Gift Card #1: From: Bob, / To: Mary, / Message: Mary, you’re the best – enjoy this special treat at Jakers, / Shipping Address: Mary Jones, 123 Anystreet Ave. Anytown, ID 83703

$40 Gift Card #2: From: Bob, / To: Joe, / Message: Joe – Happy Birthday, you’re a great friend, have fun at Jakers, / Shipping Address: Joe Anderson, 456 Anystreet Ave. Anytown, ID 83703